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CAS Number: 67701-08-0
Oleic acid is obtained by the distillation of the free fatty acids, obtained as a byproduct of the oil refining process, mainly from olive-pomace, or winterisation and subsequent distillation of palm oil or animal tallow.

Olive oil comes from the Mediterranean, palm oil comes from Southeast Asia and the fat mostly from South America. The concentration of free oleic acid ranges from 65-85%. The oleic obtained from animals has a melting point of 10 ° C, has a high oxidative stability and is used applied in the tanning industry, lubricants, construction and generally in intermediate chemical processes.

The oleic obtained from palm has a melting point above 10 ° C, is almost colourless and odourless. Because of its plant origin, it is highly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The oleic obtained from olive-pomace has a melting point above 10 ° C and about 25 ° C. It has a characteristic odour and a brownish yellow color and it is completely transparent. It is mainly used for the manufacturer of cosmetics industry, agrochemical and industrial.