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CAS Number: 67701-08-0
Palm oil is obtained from the soft pulp of the fruit of the palm (Elaeis guineensis) tree that grows primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The oil content is 40-65%. The crude oil has a reddish color and the refined oil is light colored and transparent (both in its liquid form).

It is one of the oils with the largest production in the world and is a reference for all lauric oils such as coconut and palm kernel. It is an oil of the lauric group, those having a balanced composition of short chain fatty acids (less than or equal to 16 carbons) and upper channels (equal to or greater than 18). This composition means the melting point of this oil is about 36-38 ° C and means that depending on the geographical area, the oil is liquid or solid.

The application of palm oil is mainly for human and animal nutrition and production of personal care products. It is also one of the main raw materials for the manufacturer of biodiesel. The palm oil derivatives are widely used in technical fields.