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CAS Number: 84603-93-0
Rose hip oil is obtained from the seed of the fruit of the rose hip (Rosa Canina, Rosa moschata), a shrub that grows wild in southern Chile. The oil content of the fresh fruit is 8-9% by weight There are two highly considered qualities:

- First pressure rose hip oil, which is orange and with a very characteristic odour.

- Refined rose hip oil, which is a pale yellow and almost odourless This oil is highly reactive and easily oxidized.

High in polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic), over 75%. They are essential fatty acids, key nutrients in biochemical processes relating to tissue regeneration and synthesis of new cells. It confers permeability and elasticity to the cell membrane.

It is used by the manufacturer of skin burns treatments, eczema and scars. It is also highly valued for formulations for attenuation of wrinkles and skin tightening through tissue regeneration.