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CAS Number: 8001-31-8
Coconut oil is obtained from coconut dry pulp (also known as copra). The oil is obtained by firstly pressing and then refining, bleaching and deodorizing. Copra has an oil content of 60-70%.

Coconut is obtained from the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) and the major producers are Indonesia and the Philippines. It is an oil with a high melting point, melting begins at 25 ° C, therefore it is also considered a vegetable fat. It is sold mainly as refined and at normal temperature conditions of 25 ° C it is a creamy mass of white and opaque.

It is an oil rich in saturated fatty acids, about 90%. Over 50% of its fatty acids are short chain (less than or equal to 12 carbons, lauric) and so along with palm oil and palm kernel it is known as an oil of the lauric oils family. It is the oil with a higher content of caprylic fatty acid, up to 10%. It is due to this high content of short chain fatty acids that it is very popular for the manufacturer in the field of detergents, surfactants and cosmetics. One of the most versatile oils with wide applications in the technical and personal care sectors.