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CAS Number: 8001-20-5
Tung oil is obtained from the seed kernel of tung (Aleurites fordii), a tree that grows in parts of China and South America. The oil content in the kernel varies from 40 to 60%.

The crude oil is mainly used. It is bright brown, opaque and with a characteristic odour. It is an oil with the highest drying power, even greater than that of linseed oil. The main fatty acid is eleostearic (between 70 and 85%), with 3 unsaturations in combined positions. Eleostearic acid is only present in tung oil.

It is mainly used for the resin manufacturer, varnishes, inks and generally in formulations where high film strength is required. When considering its use for coatings, its use is basically exterior. It is one of the main components of teak oil together with linseed oil.