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CAS Number: 57-11-4
Stearic acid is obtained from the splitting of the stearin fraction of a vegetable oil (palm mainly) or an animal fat. The product thus obtained is solid, waxy white and almost odourless. It is in the form of a flake and also in powder form. Stearic acid is normally a mixture of stearic and palmitic. In the case of animal origin this ratio is about 70% stearic and palmitic 30%. In the case of vegetal origin, in addition of the 70-30 proportion, it exists a quality of 50% stearic acid and 50% palmitic acid.

Depending on proportions, the melting points range from 50 to 65 ° C. The richer in stearic quality is usually more used in industry (rubbers, elastomers, chemical intermediate …) In contrast, the richest in palmitic quality is used more in the field of personal care, detergents and cosmetics.