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CAS Number: 8008-74-0
Sesame oil is obtained from sesame seed (Sesamum indicum L.), a plant that grows mainly in India, China and Sudan.

The oil content in the seed is 45-65%. The refined oil is the most commonly used quality with a bright pale yellow colour and is almost odourless. Oleic / linoleic ratio is 1:1 with a total content of these fatty acids of 80%. It is characterized by its high content of unsaponifiables (sesamol, sesamin and sesamolin) that have fungicides, insecticides and bactericides properties.

It is used as a solubilizer in detoxifying toxins. It also has a very high oxidative stability due to its high content of vitamin E. Well considered as relaxing and relieving muscle fatigue.

Applied by body massage. Emollient oil, high penetrability and anti-inflammatory.