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Glycerine is actually obtained from two types of industries:

– Chemical plants producing oil fatty acids, where the basic process is the splitting of the oil to obtain fatty acid and glycerine.

– Plants producing biodiesel, where the basic process is the esterification of oil to obtain oil ester and glycerine. Glycerine thus obtained must be concentrated and distilled in a vacuum to obtain the desired glycerol concentration.

Among the wide range of available qualities we can see three basic groups: .

- Crude Glycerine: glycerol content above 80%, high water content and presence of MONG (Matter Organic No glycerol). Brown. Main use is energy intake in cattle. .

- Technical Glycerine: glycerol content until 95%, low water content and the presence of MONG. Gray. Used in all types of intermediate industrial chemical processes. .

- Glycerine USP / Ph Eur: glycerol content above 99%, colourless, transparent and MONG and water minimum content. Used by the cosmetic manufacturer, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.