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CAS Number: 223747-87-3
Argan oil is obtained from the kernel of the Argan (Argania Spinosa) tree that grows mainly in southern Morocco.

The oil content of kernels is 40-45%. The oil is obtained almost exclusively through cold pressing and is usually not refined. It is characterized by an intense yellow color and characteristic odour. The content of oleic and linoleic acid is of 80% (essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 9) and the oleic / linoleic ratio is close to 1:1.

This Moroccan Oil is one of the oils with a higher content of tocopherol (about about 600 mg. / Kg.) And it therefore has a very high oxidative stability. It is almost three times more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. Its high content of tocopherols enhances its antioxidant properties and neutralizes free radicals, protecting the skin from external aggressions. The high presence of oleic and linoleic favors the restoration of the lipid layer of the skin and tissue protection making it excellent at revitalizing the skin, nails and hair. Cell regenerator.

It is highly recommended for dry, very dry and / or flaky skin. It is an antioxidant oil, emollient, moisturizing and it provides a lot of elasticity to the skin. Applied to the face, body, hair and nails.