As the founder of INTERFAT, I am pleased to welcome you to our website and to share our history with you.

This company started out in the 50’s when I decided, on completing my Chemistry degree at the Chemical Institute of Sarria in Barcelona, ​​to establish a business importing oils and animal fats to supply the growing demand for the Spanish soap industry.

I started in an office in the Plaza Palacio in Barcelona but as the sector gradually grew in dealings and importance, I founded INTERFAT SA in 1977 with a team of people who helped me to position the company in the sector, which then gained a strong reputation as specialist suppliers in vegetable and animal oils in the domestic and Portuguese markets.

Midway through the 80´s, business growth led us to move the company headquarters to new and modern offices on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona.


By the 90´s, we decided, within our range of products, to give more consideration to natural oils from vegetable origin and to more prominent industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

INTERFAT is nowadays considered a benchmark supplier in the market for this type of raw materials and the quality and speed of our service is universally recognized. The extensive experience and industry knowledge also allows our team to be constantly on the move to satisfy our customers with the new specialties that they demand.

Over the last several years, we have been in a process of expansion and internationalization in Europe so as to transfer our experience to other geographic markets.

Enrique Verdu Vilalta
IQS Chemist.

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