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INTERFAT has been supplying natural oils and derivatives to our customers for over 40 years. We have thus become pure specialists in this kind of raw materials, used in many industries and in a wide range of product areas.

The company began operating in 1977 in Barcelona, importing from factories located in the crop areas of Asia, Africa, America and Europe and over the last several years, we have been in a process of internationalization to expand and diversify our market throughout the European territory.

Nowadays, INTERFAT makes up part of a solid family group that has a great reputation in the field of distributing raw materials.


Continuous cooperation with multinational profile customers has led us to expand our 3 distribution facilities in Spain and open new warehouses in Rotterdam and Hamburg in order to become a global supplier for our customer’s different production sites.

Our strategically located distribution points allow us a fast and flexible delivery all around Europe, the Americas and North Africa.

Our logistics service is specialized in a 24/48hr delivery to provide just-in-time manufacturing to our customers.

Our challenge is to continue, year after year, adapting to the changing requirements of our customers and market regulations to offer solutions based on mutual commitment.

Our complete knowledge of the market and the products allows us to work closely with our customers to give tailored technical advice on finding solutions and provide our views on market trends.

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