INTERFAT SAU in Quality of specialized Company in the distribution of oils and its derivatives, has a huge International experience.

Thanks to a wide knowledge of the biggest economic sectors, one of the main objective is to offer the maximum quality of all our products and services that we offer in order to guarantee deliveries according to the conditions agreed with our customers.

Inside of this company policy, the Direction commits itself by giving human, technical and organizational resources that are required in order to achieve following principles:

  • Effective management, control and development of processes and activities in the provision of services.
  • Continuous improvement of processes and affective assignment of functions and responsibilities.
  • Considering the Quality as a strategical tool in the organization and raise awareness and motivation of professionals about the importance of the establishment and development of a Quality System.
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of interested parties by guaranteeing the quality of products and provided services.
  • Fulfil with applicable legal requirements and with other ones that the organization endorses.
  • Guarantee the compliance of our customers’ requirements, by following, monitoring their satisfaction and other groups of interest.

Through the development of these actions, INTERFAT SAU, involves itself in the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

Besides, with the purpose of the fulfillment of Quality Policy, the Direction involves itself in defining some quality objectives in line with this policy and to periodically review the system in order to turn it as a permanent reference point of the organization.

Enric Verdú de Carreras
General Manager

Barcelona, 4th February 2019