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Coming next the 12th edition of In-Cosmetics Asia!
This year our commercial delegation will be in Bangkok for the trade fair along with our Asian partner.
We hope to see you at one of the biggest events for personal care ingredients that through the years is increasing its popularity and visibility.


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The new Market report is already available for our customers! In it, you will find useful information about the trends of Castor Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Glycerin, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil.

We hope it will be of interest!


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Due to industry requirement, we decided to certify officially our internal QUALITY SYSTEM.

In order to give a constant improvement and quality guarantee to our customers, through this certification, Interfat would like to demonstrate its adjustment to the continuous market changes and needs.

We are about to review our work methodical and to establish the guidelines for a solid quality management.

Through ISO certification, we would also like to emphasize the commitment with our customers.



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It is with great pleasure we announce that Interfat is getting ready for another historical day after last year’s milestone for the 40th anniversary since the company’s foundation back in 1977. Today is the 90th birthday of its founder D. Enrique Verdú Vilalta.

The career of Mr. Verdú starts back in the fifties, where after graduating from the prestigious Chemical Institute of Sarriá in Barcelona, he began trading oils and fats from his first office located in Plaza Palacio in Barcelona. He was quickly fascinated with the business and started expanding until 1977, when he founded Interfat as we know it today. Since then, the company has established itself as a market benchmark, winning a solid international prestige in the oils and fats industry.

Also known as “Mr. Interfat”, he continues to work with the same enthusiasm and energy as his first day. Relentless, he is undoubtedly the hardest worker in the room. His dedication towards the company and all its collaborators is unparalleled and has been a key to our success. His leadership has made him a reference point for our “family” as well as for the rest of the oil and fat industry.

“Mr. Interfat” is a true professional, with great values and although he is turning 90, he is very modern and keeps up with everyone. Work has always been one of the pillars of his life. ¡90 years from which 66 he has spent working nonstop! We can all acknowledge his achievements.

From the Interfat team we feel honored and humbled to be able to celebrate all his success not only on a professional level, but at a personal one as well. We hope we can continue to work, share and grow together for many more years to come with the same passion.

Happy Birthday Mr Verdú!


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We are glad to inform you that we started to collaborate with ASELUBE http://aselube.net/  Spanish association of Lubricants, where most of Spanish companies related to the production, trade and distribution of lubricants take part.

Starting from now we will take part in the newsletter, that is quarterly published with contents of general interest for the lubricants sector as well as for technical issues and breaking news.